Re Porcino

As the name suggests, this range of products, also spanning different categories, is very much centred on the Porcino mushroom, whether on its own (dried and frozen mushrooms, mushrooms in oil) or in combinations with other ingredients in which porcini are nonetheless the dominant element.

Our goal with Re Porcino was to create a customised brand that underlines our specialisation in porcini mushrooms. A wide array of products, packaging, origins and presentations that all share one common denominator: top quality porcini, the king of the mushrooms.

Re Mirtillo

As a natural follow-up to the Re Porcino range, we decided to create a brand dedicated to the bilberry. ONLY BILBERRIES can sport this logo. In our Apennines, bilberries are considered black gold.

For this reason we decided that they should be marketed like the porcino. Bilberries are full of healthy nutrients and our goal was to develop a wide range of products that use this little fruit in different ways: organic jams, organic syrups, compotes, whole fruits, juices, nectars.


In questo brand, che richiama la ragione sociale dell’ azienda (il sottobosco) inseriamo tutti i prodotti che non possono rientrare negli altri due brand, avendo essi un nome particolarmente vincolante.

In particolare il brand sottobosco rappresenta, funghi di diverse specie singole o miscelate fra loro, confetture di frutta diversa dal mirtillo, nettari, sughi, ragù, funghi misti.

Signor Fungo

This brand comprises porcini and other mushroom-based products of different lines, generally of standard quality, targeted at different sales channels, outlets, the international market, etc.