Processing and sale of mushrooms and fruits of the forest

Present on the market as producers for over 30 years, in 1990 we launched our RE PORCINO line of dried porcini mushrooms.

The company headquarters and laboratory are located in Pavullo nel Frignano, in the Modenese Apennines, at the entrance to a district famous for its forest floor products in general and its mushrooms in particular.

Our company is highly dynamic in terms of its product categories and mentality, supplying specialist retailers, wholesalers and the major retail market with specific products to meet the needs of the most exacting consumers.

Our customer base also includes the hospitality and catering industries which we supply with special ad hoc products.

The products we process are completely natural. The concept of sustainability has long been one of our cornerstones and in recent time we have ramped up our search for recyclable, biodegradable and compostable materials for our packaging.

We take a range of factors into consideration when developing our products:

The choice of raw material

The ability to transform it

Our experience

Our expertise

Our training

The values of quality and food safety

We prioritise the results we obtain, not the time we take to achieve them!

funghi secchi

Dried products

Dried porcini and other types of mushrooms. Available in various types of packaging.


Frozen products

Frozen porcini, mixed mushrooms and fruits of the forest.

Fresh products

Porcini, other types of mushrooms and truffles.

funghi secchi

Products in oil

Porcini and mixed mushrooms in oil packaged in glass jars at room temperature.


Fruit-based products: extra jams, compotes, juices, nectars and infusions.



 Porcini and other mushroom-based products: spreads, sautés, sauces, ragouts and sweet and sour sauces. 

Disclosure obligations for public funds: the State aid and de minimis aid received by our company are contained in the National State Aid Register pursuant to art. 52 of Italian Law 234/2012 and can be consulted at the following link by typing 01972600363 into the tax code field. National State Aid Register