Mushroom controls and checks

We are a little old school as regards the quality of our products, we like the authentic flavours and artisan methods of yesteryear… but on the matter of safety and protecting your health we prefer to rely on science and more modern technologies!

When it comes to the laboratory controls that are absolutely critical for safeguarding your health, we don’t simply “abide by the rules” but go well beyond the regulations in place, asking ourselves questions that nobody else asks as well as experimenting with and fine-tuning (again in collaboration with the health authorities) highly modern and innovative analytical procedures that take account of many more potentially harmful aspects than required by law.

In every batch we therefore check:

The absence of radioactivity


The absence of risks connected with heavy metals and any heavy pollutants


The absence of gases and other airborne pollutants


The reliability of the picker protects against inappropriate handling and contamination

It is important to underline – because not everybody does – that these checks are carried out on all batches that arrive at our laboratory even when the regulations do not call for mandatory checks and controls (e.g. imported mushrooms picked in new EU countries are no longer subject to checks at customs).

The result is a series of detailed controls – part manual and part high-tech – which also make it possible to identify anomalies not detected during routine analyses, detect and eliminate defective batches, and promptly identify possible signs of pollution or environmental contamination, tracing their origin to specific woods or picking areas and using others as an alternative.