Mushroom traceability

Before all else, traceability must be a mental approach, a basic need for quality and guarantees on the part of those who – like us – offer their customers natural products that grow wild.

Today it is a legal obligation but for us, first and foremost, it is a moral obligation that has led us to adopt standards above and beyond those required by law and to implement tracing systems which, well before the regulation came into force, already enabled us to reconstruct the background of our products by tracing their journey from the wood to the final point of sale.

Today, as soon as they arrive in our lab, the products are controlled by a mycologist and codified: from this moment on the code assigned to each batch is recorded at every single step.

 Thanks to traceability not only can we identify the source and journey of potentially problematic batches, we are also able to closely monitor the metrics highlighted by the lab analysis in the different picking areas over time and to promptly identify any deviations from the ideal parameters: this continuous monitoring, together with our widespread knowledge of the picking areas, enables us, season after season, to pinpoint the areas where the best, healthiest, safest and most natural products are to be found.