The selection of the best mushrooms in terms of quality, flavour, characteristics and safety does not begin in the laboratory but directly in the woods where they grow and the baskets of those that pick them.

When they are picked in Italy, the quality and safety of the mushrooms is practically guaranteed. But the inability to grow them or speed up their growth with artificial methods and the chronic incapacity of domestic suppliers to meet the needs of the Italian market force all mushroom producers to source foreign suppliers of the raw material. And it is here that the choices made by different companies can make a real difference.

When we decided to only use European suppliers we were well aware that the costs would be higher. However, we also knew that choosing mushrooms grown exclusively in European woods would guarantee greater quality and safety on your tables.

We have invested a lot in this area, avoiding using intermediaries and retailers and choosing instead to go directly to the source, to individual pickers and farmers, or to small local picking points similar to those located all across our mountain areas.

Choosing a certain woodland area or picker is never a random process and can heavily influence the characteristics of the product that arrives on your tables:


The characteristics of the forest floor can impact quality, flavour and appearance;


The absence of plants, industrial waste and radioactivity guarantees safety;


The reliability of the picker protects against inappropriate handling and contamination

It might seem strange, even a bit funny to say in such a highly globalised world… but we have seen, met, evaluated and selected the woods, the people and all of the little picking centres that we use in person. Very few of our competitors can say the same thing