Product philosophy

We began operating in the food sector over 30 years ago.
It seems like a different time: nobody had mobile phones, Internet didn’t exist and we all had a granny or aunt who made jams or preserves “the old-fashioned way”…

We have come a long way in thirty years, building up a large and loyal customer base.
Processes have evolved, regulations have become stricter and more detailed, methods have changed, the instruments have changed, the numbers have changed. But there has been no change to our product philosophy: we still operate with the same passion and the same painstaking artisanal approach.

Now, just as then, we pay almost maniacal attention to every single detail, from picking to the various selection phases, from preparation to packaging, to guarantee our customers a top-quality and completely safe product that guarantees excellent results in the kitchen.

At the same time, our raw material remains the same as it ever was: as natural and wholesome as nature intended. In fact, today just like yesterday, we don’t grow our products… we find them and pick them!
And compared with many other food products, intensively exploited and genetically manipulated, this is minor detail…

Our mushrooms and forest fruits are truly “natural” and organic because they all grow wild. They aren’t cultivated, they aren’t grown in greenhouses or out of season, they aren’t crossbreeds or the results of experiments, they have never even heard of genetic engineering or GMO.

They grow wild in the woods and follow the natural rhythms of the seasons.
We put a lot of effort into foraging for them and, with a bit of luck, we manage to find them and pick them.
Then we control them (and control them again),  select them by hand and package them.
And finally… they are ready to enjoy: as delicious today as they were yesterday.

We don’t produce anything: all we do is forage, pick, select and bring the precious gifts of the woods to your tables just the way nature made them.

Of course this doesn’t mean that we are still stuck in the past!

The woods, its fruits, the manual picking, selection and packaging processes are the same as ever… but the resources and expertise dedicated to controlling and guaranteeing the safety of our products to our consumers have grown exponentially.

In fact, over the years we have continuously developed and improved our quality control tools, also experimenting – together with the health authorities – with high-level scientific procedures to guarantee the best possible levels of control and quality assurance.

And as well as improving our products, we have also continued to improve our product range, striving to interpret the changing needs of the market with innovative packaging and forms of presentation… this without every taking our eye off our ultimate goal – the marketing of top-quality products in the ways, forms and quantities permitted by nature.