We are very attentive to the environment and sustainability. Our product, by its very nature, is sustainable.
Porcini mushrooms are not cultivated so there is no irrigation. They are picked by hand, most of the processing is done by hand, and they are dried for the most part in the sun. As such, the growth, picking, processing and conservation of our product is, because of its nature, more virtuous than any other product. We have contributed to the sustainability of this cycle by collecting and reusing the condensed water from the cold rooms, by reusing packaging through agreements with nearby businesses, agreements stemming from the relationships between businesses that operate in the same area and share common ideals.
The packaging materials used for our products are all recyclable and in many cases also compostable.

All of our packaging has at least 3 lives. When we deliver to the stores of our customers we often provide a shelf positioning service and all of the packaging is collected and reused.

Another choice based on sustainability rather than financial savings is that of using, when possible, less film on pallets. This means up to 40 fewer layers of cling film for internal movements, for example.

Less is more is also the philosophy of our line of ready-to-use products: we only use natural products without the addition of needless ingredients.